Choosing Which Fork To Travel

Earlier this summer we put my son into therapy.  He also has special needs (had chemo and a bone marrow transplant as an infant, has been diagnosed with ADHD-combined type, and is feeding tube dependent).

I found this wonderful place called The Banyan Tree here in Athens.  This picture was part of their intake form, and I fell in love with them immediately, at the time having no idea that I’d have Evan now.Intake Form
Unfortunately they are private pay, and since Jeremy has a special needs trust fund due to his illness we don’t have to worry about that with him.  We do have to worry about it with Evan, though, since he is on Medicaid.

So I called their office yesterday.  Sobbing.  I am so desperate to get this child the help he needs and make sure every advantage for his overall well-being is taken.


The intake coordinator listened to my story, about how he’d never had therapy through his transition and about how his entire family had been torn apart over the summer.  And talked to the director.  And they are going to see him on an extreme sliding scale.

Help is more important than money.  Thank you, Forces That Be.  And it never hurts to ask.

Or shamelessly beg.  LOL


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