Many Travels, Many Fortunes.

"Many travels, many fortunes." Elder Futhark Runes Egil's Saga 1240 AD
“Many travels, many fortunes.”
Elder Futhark Runes
Egil’s Saga
1240 AD

A couple of years ago I was blessed with the best neighbors anyone has ever had.

Finn, who is 70, is Norwegian. Debbie his wife is 65 and she is from Wisconsin. They have a son who is in his upper 20s whose name is Jan Erik.
We love them. The first time we officially met was about two weeks after they moved in. Finn showed up drunk as shit, and told my children about how he was a Viking and that they should take him to school for show and tell because he is a direct descendent of Eric Bloodaxe.
Anyway, they are the Best Neighbors Ever, as what I’m about to tell you will demonstrate:
On Thursday I noticed that Rosco (our little poodle/terrier mix) had a little bit of blood coming out of his penis.
So I called the vet and Josh took him in on Friday. Finn was also at his house on Friday (it caught on fire about a month ago and he comes to supervise the professionals regularly) and came by to check on me (wrapped my ankle, even) and noticed that Rosco wasn’t here.
So I told him what was going on and that he was at the vet and they thought he was okay but couldn’t diagnose anything definitively without X-rays which at $90 a pop we just couldn’t afford right now with everything else going on so the vet just told us to be super vigilant.
Finn said, “Call vet. Tell them to do X-rays. I will sponsor.”
I said, “Oh you don’t need to do that for us,” and he said, “Not for you. For Rosco. When Viking says he will do something he will do it.”
Look. I’m not all that worldly but I know better than to argue with a Viking.
So I said I would and we’d pay him back and he said, “No. Not for you, for Rosco. He cannot pay back because he does not have job. I sponsor.”
They did the X-rays and he has a little swelling in the prostate area but otherwise checked out okay. They put him on an anti inflammatory with pain meds mixed in and he should be fine.
Finn picked him up from the vet and wouldn’t even let me give him the money I was planning to spend anyway for the exam, his kennel cough shot, grooming and medication.
He also told me that he wants to “rip off the arm of that f*%#!?g bus driver and beat her with the bloody end,” after what happened to the kids on the bus.

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